Sell Your Medical Equipment

Do you have a new or used medical equipment you are looking to sell? Looking to recycle your old and used medical equipment? Trying to replace the old with the new equipment? How and where can I sell my medical equipment? Does my medical equipment value anything? Medical RV is a place to sell and recycle previously owned medical equipment.

What is the offer for your equipment?

Contact us or send us an email to with:

  1. Photos of the equipment
  2. Manufacturer Name
  3. Model Number
  4. Serial Number
  5. Asking Price and a payment option (check, wire transfer, PayPal, or Credit Card
  6. Additional information you have regarding the equipment
  7. Contact information including phone number and mailing address

How do you get paid?

If there is an agreement, we will email a Purchase Contract. Our payment options are:

  1. Issue a check after inspecting the medical equipment. This process takes approximately 24 hours after receiving the equipment.
  2. Pay via PayPal or Credit Card.
  3. Wire Transfer too.

In your email let us know which option will work best for you.

What will happen if there is an issue with your equipment?

We will contact you with an update value of the equipment. You will have the option to accept the updated value, pay to have the medical equipment shipped or delivered back to you, or allow us to recycle the equipment if it has no value.

Looking to recycle or dispose of your medical equipment?

  • We will help you with disposing and recycling your equipment.
  • While we are picking up your equipment, we can also evaluate other medical equipment and determine if they have any value. If they don’t have any value, we can help you with disposing or recycling them.