Medical RV is more than capable of recycling the old, not working and no value medical equipment for you. We make sure the medical equipment is stripped down to its’ individual component/parts. Since we do our own recycle, the individual components / parts will either be re-used or recycle to the appropriate areas.

Recycle Process

Retrieving the Equipment

  • If you have a medical equipment that you looking to dispose or recycle, we will come and pick it up from your facility (this is applicable to California and surrounding states).
  • While we are picking up your medical equipment, our factory-trained technicians can also evaluate other equipment and determine if they have any value. If they don’t have any value, we can help you with disposing or recycling them.

Recycling Steps

  1. Get the equipment back to our facility.
  2. We take the equipment apart and sort the parts into a metal, electronic, and battery groups.

Recycling Part

  • Metals
    • The metal is re-used in the refurbishing processor it is disposed of appropriately.
  • Electronics
    • If the electronic part can be re-used by our technician then we keep it and use it in our refurbished equipment.
    • If the electronic part is not re-usable our technician will strip it down to it core elements like gold, plastic, and metal and dispose of them appropriately.
  • Battery
    • The battery that needs a bit of fixing is refurbished.
    • The battery in a good and working condition are re-used.
    • The battery in a not working or non-reusable condition will be recycled appropriately.