We have over 15 years of experience in medical equipment repair and refurbish. Our Factory Trained Service Technicians are more than capable of repairing your equipment, restoring your medical equipment to excellent cosmetic and working conditions, replacing worn out parts, repairing circuit boards, or just extending the life of your medical equipment through maintenance.

We offer loaner medical equipment at no extra charge while our technicians are working on repairing your equipment, so you won’t lose valuable business.

We have Rental Programs for all who looking to rent medical equipment.

We offer 24 hours emergency assistance.

Refurbish Process

  1. Disassemble the equipment
    • For fixing problems (if there are any)
    • For cleaning, painting and polishing the parts
  2. Testing the equipment motors (if it has one)
    • Test connection to the motherboard
    • Test its functionality to the equipment
    • Repair or rebuild (if necessary.)
  3. Steam clean, degrease and sandblast the parts
    • Steam clean to disinfect and removing sticky material/stuff on them.
    • Degrease the excess grease or/and grease them
    • Sandblast for texturing repair or recovery
    • Buffing for stainless steel
  4. Seals and hydraulic replaced
    • Replace the seals
    • Remove pump(s) and replace them
    • Pump rebuilt if necessary
  5. Lube Gears
    • Grease any moving parts
    • Ensure the parts are running smoothly
    • High-Temp Silicon Grease is used
  6. Casters re-greased and sealed
    • Casters are taken apart, cleaned, and greased for a long lasting
  7. Polish plastics and repaint it all
    • Sanding the plastics
    • Fix Color
    • Disinfect the plastics
    • Paint them
  8. Computer test motors and circuit boards
    • A final test of the equipment functionality
  9. Recover fabric
    • Remove and replace the fabric (if necessary)
    • We can also customize the fabric color to a client need
  10. 30 days warranty


  • Our repairs are done by Facility trained technicians
  • We offer a 24/7 emergency services
  • We can repair your medical equipment at your facility or back at our repair center. Let us know when we can come over to inspect your medical equipment
  • We can loan out a medical equipment to you while yours is being serviced


We have medical equipment ready for rental; pick it up or we ship it to you.Our rental program covers California residence only. Need more information on our rental program, let me us know.

MedicalRV Specialty

Medical RV specializes in Repairs and Refurbishing. Our Technicians are Factory Trained in many areas, Our Field Technicians perform on-site repairs, Casters, Brakes, PM Maintenance, etc. Warehouse Technicians repair/rebuild Motors, Pumps, Cosmetic Repairs, and even Component Level Repairs. We sell a wide variety of refurbished equipment/instruments. All work is performed “In House”. Units are completely disassembled and rebuilt… OR Tables, Hospital Beds, Gurneys, Exam Tables, Stretches, Doctor Stools, Tables and much more!

Quality Assurance

We perform a 40-point inspection of all equipment/instruments to ensure you are getting the highest quality Service and Refurbished goods/products/medical equipment.


We use certified refurbished parts (when available) saving you 40{d231b29733eba7566e4f5cfa4dfcc829b288fac203a10419dfa3adf7b75bb6f5}-50{d231b29733eba7566e4f5cfa4dfcc829b288fac203a10419dfa3adf7b75bb6f5} off list price.

Quick Response

Medical RV will have a Technician on site within 24hrs or less. 80{d231b29733eba7566e4f5cfa4dfcc829b288fac203a10419dfa3adf7b75bb6f5} of repairs can be performed onsite and will be back in service shortly after a Tech arrives. Some unusual or larger repairs may need more attention. In these cases, we would pick up and repair the unit at our warehouse. To prevent equipment shortage we would supply a “Loaner” unit (applies to most units) until your unit is repaired and returned. (Applies to California and surrounding states)

Emergency Service Available

A certified Technician is available 24 hours a day. We will dispatch a Field Technician if needed. (Applies to California and surrounding states)

White Glove Delivery/Set Up/In Service

One of our certified technicians will deliver and set up in your facility. We will all provide a detailed In- Service to ensure your staff is familiar with operating the unit/s. (Applies to California and surrounding states)


We have over 2,000 sq. ft. of essential parts and 20,000 sq. ft. of medical equipment/instruments. Includes: Hospital Beds, Gurneys, OR Tables, and much more!

Along with Warranty, all work, and refurbished goods are guaranteed.

Our goal is providing you with efficient, cost-effective service with little or no equipment downtime. We have 20+ years of experience in the Medical Industry and understand your needs.

Please inquire about “Annual Service Contracts”, we provide all necessary paperwork for State Regulations.